Command line interface

The DiPAS distribution contains a command line interface which can be used to invoke various functionalities:

  • Compute Twiss/lattice parameters: dipas twiss path/to/script.{madx,py}

  • Compute Orbit Response Matrix (ORM): dipas orm path/to/script.{madx,py}

  • Plot lattice: dipas plot path/to/script.{madx,py}

  • DiPAS also supports invoking MADX to compute various quantities:

    • MADX: compute Twiss: dipas madx twiss path/to/script.madx

    • MADX: compute ORM: dipas madx orm path/to/script.madx

  • Verify results against MADX: dipas verify path/to/script.{madx,py}

  • Convert lattices to other representations e.g. HTML: dipas convert to html path/to/script.{madx,py} outfile.html The resulting outfile.html can be viewed and inspected with a web browser.

  • Compute the complete set of beam parameters from user input: dipas print beam (e.g. dipas print beam --particle=proton --energy=1.4)

Each of the commands supports a variety of options for customization which can be displayed by using --help (e.g. dipas twiss --help).